I am an ordained pastor with The North American Lutheran Church, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, The Lutheran Orthodox Church and endorsed with Augsburg Lutheran Churches and Augustana District of LCMC. I hold degrees from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Lincoln Christian University, United Theological Seminary, and The Institute of Lutheran Theology Currently, I serve at the Lead Pastor at Saint James Lutheran Church (LCMC & NALC) and previously served in a variety of ministry roles, including; senior pastor, church planter/mission developer, associate pastor, family pastor, youth pastor, camp counselor, and church custodian. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of scripture, church, and practical theology with you!


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Understanding the Office of the Pastor and Theology of Call: The Importance for the Lutheran Church”

The Office of the Pastor is a central concept in the theology of the Lutheran Church. This office is responsible for the spiritual welfare of the congregation and the administration


The Second Week of Epiphany

As we enter the second week of Epiphany, we are reminded of the great revelation of Jesus as the Light of the World. This season of Epiphany is a time for us to reflect on the ways that God is made known to us in Jesus, and to consider how we can more fully follow in the light of His revelation.


Finding Hope and Guidance in a Changing World: A Lutheran Perspective on Postmodern Society

As the pastor of Saint James Lutheran Church, I have seen firsthand the impact of postmodern society on the Church. The decline in traditional Christian beliefs and practices, as well as the rise of alternative spirituality and the “nones” (those who do not identify with any particular religion), has had a profound effect on the way we do ministry. But it is important to remember that the Church has faced challenges and changes throughout its history. The early Church fathers and mothers, such as Augustine, Jerome, and Theresa of Avila, faced their own challenges as they sought to spread the Gospel in a world that was often hostile to their message. Despite these challenges, the Church has always found ways to adapt and thrive. As Christians, we believe in the power of the Gospel to transform lives and bring about true and lasting change. And it is this same Gospel that gives us hope and guidance as we navigate the complexities of postmodern society.

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